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Designing your Talent Management Strategy


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Designing your Talent Management Strategy

*This course is run in partnership with York College.

Time and resource is limited.   We have no choice but to deal with employee issues as a priority. But this can often mean our investment in the people who are performing, and who have potential, takes a back seat. We can, therefore, unintentionally ignore those we need most in our business. 

• Do you know who your talent really is - it may not be who you think?
• Do you have the 'right' type of talent to support your current and future plans?
• Developing people is always good, or is it?
• How well do your HR activities underpin business performance and support your growth plans, right now?

This course shows you how to develop a structured and consistent way of understanding and managing your talent. It is done in a practical way and one that enables managers to be self sufficient in their day to day people management activities. The training and support offered by the consultant will be extensible and so, as further needs are identified, consistent and appropriate guidance/follow up can be provided.

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4th April 2017

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This session will show you 6 key business benefits of using a talent map tool to manage your talent. 

3 are tactical business benefits that you can do and implement as soon as you leave the course, should you wish. 3 are more strategic, and you will gain ideas and thoughts on how these may change or shape what you do; and what your HR/Talent agenda should be for the next 6-12 months.

Part 1: What is talent management and how can we do this efficiently?

  • The concept of talent management.
  • How the talent map tool works and its benefits.
  • Defining performance and potential.

Part 2: Talent mapping and planning

  • Identify who your talent is and why (it is not always who you think it is); and if it is at risk of leaving.
  • Understand who you should really be investing in and why. 
  • Consider whether your talent map (team and company) has the right mix of talent, for now and the year ahead. 
  • Understand if and why recruitment may need to change to support your drive for the ‘right’ talent. 
  • How can the map be used for other people related activities in the business - recruitment, performance discussions/121’s, addressing employee feedback?

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