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Pilgrims and Pilgrimage (USB memory stick)

Pilgrimage USB cover



Journey, Spirituality and Daily Life through the Centuries - an interactive resource now on an USB memory stick
NB: NOT currently compatible with Macs running El Capitan.
'Highly informative with excellent illustrations from illuminated manuscripts and architecture - an indispensable resource.'
Professor Eamon Duffy, Magdalene College, Cambridge


Detailed Description

Pilgrims and Pilgrimage: Journey, Spirituality and Daily Life Through the Centuries

  • Introduction (What is Pilgrimage?; Place & Journey in Cultures and Faiths Worldwide; Pilgrimage & Social Anthropology)
  • Pilgrimage in Early Christian Spirituality (The Bible; Early Church; The Desert & Monasticism; Greek & Roman Pilgrimage; Christian Holy Places)
  • Pilgrimage in Anglo-Saxon England (Leading the Christian Life; Place Pilgrimage: Saints' Cults; Anglo-Saxon Pilgrims Abroad; Celtic Peregrini)
  • Pilgrimage in Later Medieval England
    • Daily Christian Life (Life as Pilgrimage: Sin & Salvation; Resources for the Journey: The Church & its Teaching, Personal Spirituality.)
    • Place Pilgrimage (Holy Places; Saints' Cults/Relics; Destinations in England & Abroad; The Journey; Women; Pilgrimage Art; Narratives, Maps & Guides)
    • Inner Journeys (Anchorites; Monastic Orders; Mystics)
    • Saints in Medieval Spirituality
    • Pilgrimage in Medieval Literature
  • An Ongoing Legacy (The Reformation; Pilgrimage in Literature; Pilgrimage and Tourism; Pilgrimage Today)

Also contains: Interactive Encyclopaedia, Extensive Image Gallery, Key Pilgrim Texts, Bibliography, Virtual Medieval Parish Church

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